Dear IEEE ITS Society member,

Under the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society Bylaws, 15 members are elected to serve on our Board of Governors to manage the Society’s resources, represent the Society within IEEE and arrange for technical publications, conferences and other benefits to the members. The Governors serve for three years, where five Governor positions are to be elected each year.​

To help manage the activities of the Society, ITSS Governors shall actively participate in the Board of Governors (BoG) meetings, which are generally scheduled either as a teleconference or in conjunction with our flagship conferences, the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium and the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference. You can see our current Governors here:


Nominations, including self-nominations, shall be sent via email to with subject ‘ITSS BoG Nomination‘. Each nomination must include at least the full name, IEEE Member Number, and the email address of the nominee as well as an activity plan. The BoG candidates should also indicate in their applications which category they are running for according to ITSS diversity (see 1-5 categories below). Format must be in plain text. BoG candidates must be members of the IEEE ITS Society.

ITSS Diversity:

  • The ITSS will promote diversity and inclusion in the BoG with a goal that the elected members will represent the following geographic regions and areas.
    1. ITSS GEOGRAPHICAL AREA 1 = IEEE Regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7, 9 (Americas)
    2. ITSS GEOGRAPHICAL AREA 2 = IEEE Region 8 (Europe, Middle East & Africa)
    3. ITSS GEOGRAPHICAL AREA 3 = IEEE Region 10 (Asia & Pacific)
    4. ITSS Industry
    5. ITSS Emerging countries:
      • Region 8 except Europe
      • Region 9
      • Region 10 except Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore
  • ​During the 2022 BOG election, a trial process for promoting diversity and inclusion has been approved by the BOG on May 4, 2021.One BoG position will be elected from each of these five categories. All members can vote for all five categories.
  • ITSS encourages a balanced nomination slate to include 2 or more women (across all categories), 2 or more industry candidates, 2 or more emerging country candidates.
  • Attendance to BoG meetings is mandatory for the elected members. The nomination of an equal number of male and female candidates is encouraged.
  • The Nominations and Appointments Committee will have the right to reject a nomination in any category if the nomination does not meet the qualification and category requirements.
  • In the case of having a category with no candidates, the BoG will appoint a candidate of their choice to the category in the best interest of the ITSS diversity policy. The BoG is empowered to appoint a female member as well as an industry person if no female and/or industry members have been elected to the BoG.


  • Nominations must be received ON or BEFORE June 28, 2021 (strict deadline), together with a brief CV and a short statement on their goals for the ITS Society. For a nominee who previously served on the Board of Governors, please also describe their past service.
    • According to the ITSS Bylaws, the final slate of nominations to the BoG shall be prepared on or before the July 15th by the Nominations Committee and sent to IEEE for the preparation of a mail ballot.​
  • A ballot shall be mailed to each Member of the Society on or before August 31, 2021. Only those legally cast ballots received by IEEE on or before October 15th will be counted.
    • IEEE shall transmit the results of the election to the Society President and Secretary as soon as the voting is validated.

​In accordance with the Society Bylaws, Article V, sections 9 and 10, for each elective office of the Society, individual voting members eligible to vote in such election may nominate candidates either by a written petition or by majority vote at a nomination meeting of the BoG, provided such nominations are made at least 28 days before the date of election. Petitions must be submitted no later than June 28th.

The policy and procedure for petition candidates can be found here:

​Newly elected Governors for this cycle will start their term in January 2022 and will conclude their service on December 2024.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter,

Cristina Olaverri Monreal

Chair, Nominations and Appointments Committee
President-Elect, IEEE ITS Society