The ITS Society Awards Committee, Chaired by Wei-Bin Zhang, and Co-Chaired by Petros Ioannou, are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2022 ITSS Awards.

The 2022 ITSS Award Recipients will be recognized during the awards ceremony at IEEE IV’23, which will be held in Anchorage Alaska, on 4-7 June 2023.

2022 IEEE ITS Lifetime Achievement Award
Chelsea C. White III
For pioneering the development of ITS and the creation of the IEEE ITS Society

2022 IEEE Outstanding ITS Research Award
Miguel Ángel Sotelo
For contributions in the field of Autonomous Driving and Road Users’ Behavior Prediction

2022 IEEE Outstanding ITS Application Award
Markus Lienkamp on behalf of the Technical University of Munich Autonomous Motorsport Team

For contributions to the development and deployment of software for handling a vehicle autonomously at the limits

IEEE ITSS Young Researcher/Engineer Award
Xiao Wang

For her extensive industry experience and leadership in the research and development of ITS and autonomous driving fields

IEEE ITSS Best Dissertation Award

  • First Prize – Zejiang Wang, University of Texas at Austin, Advisor Junmin Wang
    For the dissertation titled, “Motion Control Considering Human Driver Characteristics for Driving Safety Enhancement of Connected and Automated Vehicles”
  • Second Prize – Wanxin Li, University of Delaware, Advisor Mark Nejad
    For the dissertation titled, “Frontiers in Blockchain for Secure Information Sharing in the Next Generation Transportation Systems”
  • Third Prize – Irene Martinez, University of California Irvine, Advisor Wenlong Jin
    For the dissertation titled, “Modeling and Management of Emerging Mobility Systems: New Approaches Based on Vehicle and Trip Flow Dynamics in Absolute and Relative Spaces”