Under the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society Bylaws, 15 members are elected to serve on our Board of Governors to manage the Society’s resources, represent the Society within IEEE and arrange for technical publications, conferences and other benefits to the members. The Governors serve for three years, where five Governor positions are to be elected each year. To help manage the activities of the Society, ITSS Governors shall actively participate in the Board of Governors (BoG) meetings, which are generally scheduled either as a teleconference or in conjunction with our flagship conferences, the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium and the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference. You can see our current Governors here.

The basic eligibility criterion is that nominees must be active members of both the IEEE and ITSS and in “good standing” (meaning they have been regularly paying their membership fees and haven’t had any ethical violations of the IEEE code of conduct).  Nominees must also hold the IEEE membership grade of “member” or higher (meaning that no student or graduate student membership level is accepted, per IEEE rules).

Additional selection criteria that the Nominations & Appointments Committee shall consider while evaluating nominees for BOG Membership Nomination include:

  • Extent of contributions to the profession and technical accomplishments (in relation to the nominee’s years in the field).
  • Extent of contributions to the ITSS and the IEEE.
  • Knowledge of and engagement with the ITSS operations (its technical committees, chapters, publications, conferences, etc).
  • Evidence of the candidate’s ability to act as a leader and work within a team setting.
  • Vision, values, and goals to be achieved during the mandate.
While making the final BoG candidate slate, the Nominations & Appointments Committee shall also implement the IEEE’s commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
Nominees are expected to be committed to attending BOG meetings and timely completion of duties and responsibilities as the position requires. Note: ITSS aims to cover travel expenses for BoG Members to travel to BoG Meetings in accordance with IEEE Travel Policies.

All candidates are to review and adhere to the updated IEEE electioneering policies that can be seen at: https://www.ieee.org/about/corporate/election/election-campaign-resources.html.

Questions can be directed to Cristina Olaverri, the ITSS Nominations & Appointments Committee Chair, by emailing cristina.olaverri-monreal@ieee.org.  Please state “ITSS BoG Nomination” in the subject line of your email.

Newly elected Governors in this round of nominations will start their term in January 2025 and will conclude their service in December 2027.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Cristina Olaverri, Chair, Nominations & Appointments Committee
Past President, IEEE ITS Society

In accordance with the Society Bylaws, Article V, sections 9 and 10, for each elective office of the Society, individual voting members eligible to vote in such election may nominate candidates either by a written petition or by majority vote at a nomination meeting of the BoG, provided such nominations are made at least 28 days before the date of the election. Petitions must be submitted to IEEE no later than 4 August 2024 (strict deadline).

The policy and procedure for petition candidates can be found here https://bit.ly/ITSSGovDocs. Please email cristina.olaverri-monreal@ieee.org if you want to start a petition.