Call for ITSM Outstanding Paper Award Nominations

The IEEE ITS Magazine (IEEE-ITSM) would like to recognize outstanding papers that ITSM has published during the 2017 – 2020 publication period.
Nominations submitted by May 1st, 2022 to the ITSM Editor-in-Chief, Ljubo Vlacic, will be considered.


All papers published in the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine during the 2017 – 2020 period are eligible. The paper publication date is determined by the online (IEEE Xplore) publication date, if applicable. Otherwise, the paper publication date is determined by the journal volume date.

Paper Award Categories

  1. IEEE-ITSM Outstanding Research Paper Award
  2. IEEE-ITSM Outstanding Survey Paper Award, and
  3. IEEE-ITSM Outstanding Practitioner Paper Award

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Research Paper Award: Originality, citations, impact, and importance.
  2. Survey Paper Award: Scale of the survey, citations, timeliness, insight, and broader impact
  3. Practitioner Paper Award: Technical content, insight, broader impact and citations

Selection Process

Step 1:

A pool of Candidate papers will be established from: (i) nominated and solicited papers received in response to this Call for Nominations; and (ii) top 10 most cited papers; and (iii) top 10 most downloaded papers.

Step 2:

For each award category, the Award Committee will select short listed papers.

Step 3:

Committee Members will then vote to determine the Award Recipient(s) for each award category.


The Award Committee holds the right to present multiple awards in each award category. Also, the Award Committee holds the right to void selection of a recipient in any award category.