The ITS Society opens a Call for New Initiatives designed to support new programs, activities, products, or services that will be funded under the IEEE’s 3% rule based on the ITSS reserves. The proposed projects must be strategic in nature (and aligned with the ITSS strategic goals and priorities described in the revised ITSS Strategic Plan). They should provide a demonstrated benefit to the ITS Society (to be explained in approximately half a page).

The proposals should have a budget up to $60K and have enough detail that the reviewers can understand how the funding will be spent. The proposed initiatives should address specific ITSS strategic goals and have clear deliverables. A proposer should not submit or coauthor more than one proposal. Projects are not intended to cover normal items such as publications, staffing, governance activities, and research activities. They are also not meant to cover or offset overspending on these items.

All projects must be finished before December 31st, 2023. Proposals must be submitted by email before August 3rd, 2022, to the ITSS VP Finance, Prof. Miguel Ángel Sotelo ( following the template provided here.