The 25th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (IEEE ITSC 2022) was successfully held in Distributed-Hybrid form from September 18th to October 12th, 2022. It started from the Parallel Intelligence and Metaverse Workshop in Beijing and ended at the offline main conference in Macau with the helpful hands of Qingdao Academy of Intelligent Industries, Anhui University, and Wynn Palace.

After 22 days Academic Carnival, with the IEEE ITSC 2022 behind us by now, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved – the registrants, authors, chairs, hosts, organizers, online and offline presenters, sponsors, media, event partners and volunteers, for your strong supporting and contributing to the succession of IEEE ITSC 2022. We have to say, the response to IEEE ITSC 2022 absolutely exceeded our expectations! Both the total number of paper submissions and workshops and sessions holding were far beyond compared with the previous. In IEEE ITSC 2022, more than 1250 papers were submitted, 636 articles were accepted, and more than 2000 authors shared their recent and excellent work in 145 distributed-hybrid workshops and sessions, including 30 Workshops, 25 Special Sessions, 81 General Sessions and 9 Plenary Sessions. It is worth mentioning that the conference broadcasted all over the world for more than 275 hours, attracted more than 96,000 people from 34 countries watching the live broadcast through ITSC official website and CASIV media platform.

The 25th IEEE ITSC 2022 is the annual flagship conference sponsored by the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (IEEE ITSS), which is the longest-lasting and most influential conference with the largest number of participants. This year, it is a great challenge for our organizing committee to hold such a flagship conference at such a scale under various restrictions imposed by Covid-19, for both online and offline, starting from Beijing and ending at Macau. During the 22-day conference from September 18th to October 12th, more than 2000 authors and 96,000 audiences were united by ITSC 2022, covered almost all frontier research and hot topics in the field of intelligent transportation. In this time, ITSC 2022 bridges the digital and physical world in a distributed-hybrid form, which also opens up a fresh outlook on the history of IEEE ITSC.

The ITSC 2022 organizers have made great efforts to bring the originally planned physical conference into a distributed-hybrid conference including some face-to-face activities and mostly virtual ones. The coordination work is beyond imagination, which requires to consider the time zone of authors from different country, the time convenience of each author, and National Holidays in China, and so on. The organizing committee tried their best to ensure the attendees to have a pleasant academic communicating and sharing experience.

With the theme of “Blockchain-based ITS: The Human Use of Cyber-Physical-Social Transportation Systems”, the main conference of IEEE ITSC 2022 gathered the researchers and practioners focused on this future trend of intelligent transportation systems, who paid their attention on providing safe, secure, smart, sustainable, sensitive ITS services for cross-border logistics.

Four professionals were invited and given their welcome speeches, they are Chair Prof. Joseph Hun-wei LEE, General Chair of IEEE ITSC 2022, President of Macau University of Science and Technology, Lam Hin San, Director of Macau Transport Bureau (DSAT), Prof. Fei-Yue Wang, Program Chair of IEEE ITSC 2022, Director of the State Key Laboratory for Management and Control of Complex Systems, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Prof. Cristina Olaverri Monreal, President of IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS).

Consisting of four plenary speeches, one Macau Feature Workshop and Macau theme Visit Tour, the In-Person lasted for three days and arranged in a distributed hybrid way, both online and offline. The In-Person was held in Wynn Palace Cotai, and also live broadcast online through the official website and CASIV social platform. Chaired by Professor Fei-Yue Wang, four outstanding plenary speakers were invited to share their perspectives and discuss ITS-related topics, in terms of Key Technologies of Intelligent Inland Vessels and Parallel Intelligent Systems, The Future of HGVs: Electric or Hydrogen? Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Improve the Efficiency of Transportation Systems,

Best Paper Prize:

The conference sets the Best Paper Awards Ceremony and Annual Awards of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), for awarding authors for their excellent research works and contributions to the development of this area, and also for sponsors, media and event partners for their support and sponsorship to ITSC 2022. The ceremonies were chaired by Professor Lingxi Li, General Co-Chair and Publications Chair of IEEE ITSC, and Professor Qinglai Wei, Program Co-Chair of IEEE ITSC, and Doctor Kaizhou Gao, Member of Best Paper Awards Committee.

The top 3 best research/student/application papers were selected and awarded for Best Paper Prizes in terms of Best Paper Awards, Best Student Paper Awards and Best Application Paper Awards. Nine presenters gave their paper presentations and were invited to discuss their interests and concerns for the future ITS. The 2022 Annual Awards of Intelligent Transportation Systems set Eight Prizes for industrial achievements, in terms of the Excellent Intelligent Transportation AI Companies, the Excellent Intelligent Parking Companies, the Excellent Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System (CVIS) Companies, the Excellent Intelligent Highway Solutions, the Excellent Intelligent Rail Transportation Applications, the Excellent Intelligent Transportation Perception Products, the Service Excellence Award for Team and for Individual.

This ITS Society’s flagship conference offers a forum for us to bring together researchers, scientists, engineers, and industry professionals to discuss innovative ideas and diverse topics about intelligent transportation systems, technologies and applications. It attracted prospective authors from all over the world who are willing to share, exchange and spread their latest research work, findings, perspectives, and developments related to advanced blockchain-based intelligent transportation systems. Our organizing committee will keep focusing on the frontier research, new advances and developments in intelligent transportation and better service for the ITS society and the public. Looking forward to seeing you all on-site for the 26th IEEE ITSC next year!

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