IEEE ITSC 2022 Parallel Intelligence and Metaverses (PIM) Workshop

On September 18, the Kick-off event of the 25th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (IEEE ITSC 2022), “IEEE/CAA Workshop on Parallel Intelligence and Metaverses (IEEE PIM 2022)”, is launched at the Plato Hall, The Alfred N. Whitehead College in Beijing, China. The IEEE/CAA PIM 2022 is an international forum held within the IEEE ITSC 2022, which is organized in a distributed-hybrid fashion for all authors, presenters and registrants, online and offline. The Kick-off is planned and organized by Prof. Xiao Wang of Anhui University, a member of IEEE ITSS BoG.

The IEEE/CAA PIM 2022 brings together scientists, engineers, and researchers from both academic and industrial institutes to exchange their latest work, research, advance in the state of the art as well as to identify the emerging topics and open issues in the field of Parallel Intelligence and Metaverses.

The workshop is co-chaired by Prof. Fei-Yue Wang, director of the State Key Laboratory of Complex System Management and Control, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Prof. Linyuan Lv, University of Electronic Science and Technology. Prof. Wang opened the workshop with his address titled: “Welcome to PMI: The DAO to Transportation Intelligence in CPSS”.

Professor Markos Papageorgiou of Technical University of Crete Ningbo University in Greece and Dr. Zhihan Lv of Uppsala University in Sweden presented their keynote speeches at IEEE/CAA PIM 2022, their respective presentations are titled: “A New Traffic Paradigm in the Era of Connected Automated Vehicles” and “The Past and Present of the Metaverse”.

Dr. Fenghua Zhu of Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Prof. Xiaoming Liu of North China University of Technology organized the second event of the first day, a workshop on Artificial Transportation Systems and Simulation (ATSS). The aim of the ATSS is to foster the discussion on issues concerning the development of Artificial Transportation Systems and Simulation, especially digital twins, as a means to devise, test and validate ITS-based technologies.

This DHC (Distributed Hybrid Conference) form of IEEE ITSC 2022 will last from September 18 to October 7, starting at Beijing and ending at Macau. During this period, a total of 145 DHC sessions will be held in an orderly manner.

With the theme of “Blockchain-based ITS: The Human Use of Cyber-Physical-Social Transportation Systems”, the IEEE ITSC 2022 has received over 1,000 articles and presentations in the areas of intelligent transportation systems and automated driving, will demonstrate to the world recent ITS advances and developments in theory, modeling, simulation, testing, case studies, as well as large-scale deployment.

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