Multi Society Discount Banner

IEEE is your professional home for access to technology and engineering communities around the world, and its IEEE Society members tackle tomorrow’s biggest challenges ranging from climate change and biomedical engineering to artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, intelligent transportation, and beyond.

As an IEEE ITS Society member, you can take advantage of the Multiple Society Discount Program to connect across several IEEE Societies to expand your expert network and collaborate on the latest cutting-edge technical research, policy, and innovation at a discount when you become a member or renew your membership of two or more participating IEEE Societies.

If you’re already a member of two or more participating IEEE Societies, the discount will be automatically applied when you renew. If you’ve always been interested in a complementary IEEE Society, this program provides you with the opportunity to join at a discounted rate.

The IEEE Societies that complement your IEEE ITS Society membership include:

  • IEEE Computer Society
  • IEEE Vehicular Technology Society
  • IEEE Robotics and Automation Society
  • IEEE Control Systems Society

IEEE ITSS Vice-President for Membership Activities

Petros Ioannou