Launched in 2013, “ITS Now” is a new topical online publication initiative from the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Society. ITS Now offers a quarterly, free, limited-time access to articles from the IEEE ITS Society publications and conference proceedings. Each issue has a dedicated editorial team of topical experts. Eath team selects 10-15 outstanding papers from Society publications IEEE Xplore access is granted to the full text of these ITS papers. After three months, the issue is archived, which retains the editorial and the references to all the papers selected, however full access is no longer available without a regular subscription to the papers’ original publication. ITS Now is a curated, value-added publication.

Please feel free to provide your feedback and suggestions for future editions. Contact the ITS Society VP for Publications Activities, Professor Daniel Zeng, at

ITS Now Issues

Year 2013, No. 3. – Theme: Mobile Communication Networks

Guest Editors: Liuqing Yang.
Available on IEEE Xplore: March 2014-June 2014.

Year 2013, No. 2. Theme: ITS and Road Safety

Guest Editors: Angelos Amditis, Mauro Da Lio and Roy Goudy.
Available on IEEE Xplore: July 2013-September 2013.

Year 2013, No. 1. Theme: Mechatronic and Embedded Systems Pave the Way for Autonomous Driving

Guest Editors: Martin Horauer, Bo Chen and Primo Zingaretti.
Available on IEEE Xplore: April 2013-June 2013.