Christoph Mecklenbrauker Headshot
Christoph Mecklenbrauker
Senior Editor
Technology (TU Wien) and Director of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Wireless Technologies for Sustainable Mobility. He received the Dipl-Ing. degree in Electrical Engineering from TU Wien in 1992 and the Dr.-Ing. degree from Ruhr-University of Bochum in 1998, respectively. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, Member of EURASIP and VDE. He is the author/coauthor of 6 book chapters and over 250 papers.
Research Interests
1. Vehicular Channels: V2V and V2I 2. Dependable Connectivity for Intelligent Transport Systems 3. Ultrawideband Radio and Millimeter Waves for In-vehicle Sensor Networks 4. Nearfield Systems: RFID and Wireless Power Transfer