Selpi Selpi Headshot
Selpi Selpi
Associate Editor
Dr. Selpi is a project leader, a researcher, and an educator at Chalmers University of Technology.She has a PhD degree in computing from the Robert Gordon University in the UK, an MSc degree in bioinformatics from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, and a BSc degree in computer science from University of Indonesia in Indonesia. Related to traffic safety and transport, she has been working with the data management and analysis of naturalistic driving data for traffic safety purposes, as well as applications of data science and machine learning techniques for this area since 2008. Current interests include how we can make advancement of technologies (e.g., automation, digital infrastructure, data science, machine learning, and AI) to benefit all. Beside academic work, she has several years of experiences in software industry. Dr. Selpi is a member of the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Societys technical committee on Naturalistic Driving Data Analytics. She has been contributing as a reviewer and an associate editor for several IEEE publication channels
Research Interests
1. Machine Learning and AI for traffic safety and transport in general 2. Impact of automation on traffic safety and efficiency in mixed traffic context 3. Naturalistic driving data analysis 4. Influence of physical and digital infrastructure on driving behaviour