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Riad Hammoud
Associate Editor
Riad Hammoud is senior principal researcher at BAE Systems (Burlington, MA) since Feb 2012, working on image/video exploitation and robotics, and serving as Principal Investigator, Proposal Writer and Algorithm/Team lead. He holds a PhD degree in Computer Visiooin & Robotics from INRIA (Grenoble, France), and a Master degree in Control of Systems from UTC (Compiegne, France) since February 2001 and July 1997, respectively. While at Dynavox Technologies (2009-2011) he developed a free-head motion eye gaze tracking system for folks with motor disabilities to communicate via eye-gaze. At Delphi Automotive Systems (2003-2009) he developed video-based advanced driver support systems including driver fatigue & distraction detection and adaptive forward-collision warning. Dr. Riad I. Hammoud has been a collaborating researcher at MIT and a member of the MIT Team on the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) in 2013. Dr. Riad Hammoud served as Guest Editor of 4 special issues of IJCV and CVIU journals. He serves also on the TPC and as Area Chair of several computer vision conferences including EEE CVPR, AVSS and WACV. He authored 70+ publications including 5 Springer book, 12 journal articles, and 12 US patents.
Research Interests
1. Computer vision 2. Video Exploitation 3. Autonomy and Robotics 4. Fusion