Xiaolei Ma Headshot
Xiaolei Ma
Associate Editor
Dr. Ma is an associate Professor in the school oftransportation science and engineering at BeihangUniversity. He received his Ph.D. degree from University ofWashington, Seattle in 2013. His mainly liein urban transit system operation and planning, datadriventransportation network modeling andtransportation data mining. To date, he has published over70 articles in peer-reviewed journals and conferences. Heis currently serving as an active reviewer for more than 40journals, and as a member of the TRB Artificial Intelligenceand Advanced Computing Applications Committee.Dr. Ma has been appointed as the associate editors of IET Intelligent TransportSystems and PLOS ONE. He also received several awards including Young EliteScientist Sponsorship Program by the CAST, Beijing Outstanding Youth TalentProgram, and Beijing Nova Program.
Research Interests
1. Public Transportation 2. Transportation Big Data Analytics 3. Traffic Prediction 4. Transportation Network Modeling