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Sergiu Nedevschi
Associate Editor
Sergiu Nedevschi is a Professor of Computer Science at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca Romania and Director of the Research Center for Image Processing and Pattern Recognition. He received his Masters and PhD from Technical University of Cluj-Napoca in 1975 and 1993. He is currently teaching Image Processing (3th year), Pattern Recognition (4th year), Artificial Vision (master), Artificial Vision for Autonomous Driving (master). He established in 1998 and he has led the Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Research Center with main researches in stereovision based perception and advanced driving assistance. He was involved in more than 80 research projects, being the coordinator of 60 of them. The industrial cooperation with important automotive players like as Volkswagen AG, Robert Bosch GMBH, SICK AG and research institutes like as VTT, INRIA was achieved through funded research projects. He is the author/coauthor of 19 books and over 300 papers from which more than 80 journal papers. He is IEEE member and member of IEEE Romania Section Committee in charge with educational activities.
Research Interests
1. Stereo Vision 2. Image Processing and Pattern Recognition 3. Environment Perception and Representation 4. Advanced Driving Assistance and Autonomous Driving