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Javier Sanchez Medina
Associate Editor
Javier Jesus Sanchez Medina Prof. Sanchez-Medina's alma Mater is ULPGC, in Spain. His PhD dissertation versed on the use of Genetic Algorithms, Parallel Computing and Cellular Automata based TrafficMicrosimulation to optimize the Traffic Lights Programming within an Urban Traffic Network. His research interests include mainly the application of Machine Learning, Data Mining and Parallel Computingto Intelligent Transportation Systems. He has a wide experience on the development of traffic models and simulation platforms. Javier Sanchez-Medina has been volunteering for several years at many internationalconferences related to Intelligent Transportation, Computer Science, Evolutionary Computation, etc. He is reviewer and international program committee member for some Transportation related IEEE and non-IEEE journals. He is also very active as a volunteer in the ITS Society, including responsibility posts. He has widely published his research with more than 30 international conference articles, more than 20 international journal articles and 3 research book chapters. He has also being keynote speaker at two conferences (ANT2017, SOLI2017) and distinguished lecturer at the IEEE ITSS Tunisian Chapter in November, 2016.
Research Interests
1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 2. Data Mining and Data Stream Mining 3. Traffic Modelling, and Control