Jing Xun Headshot
Jing Xun
Associate Editor
Jing Xun (M?12, SM?14), received the B.S. degree and the PhD degree from Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, China, in 2004 and 2012, respectively. In 2012 he joined the State Key Laboratory (SKL) of Rail Traffic Control and Safety, Beijing Jiaotong University. He was elevated to an Associate Professor in 2016 and became the Deputy Director of Railway Operation Research Division of SKL in 2018. He has lots of experience on collaborating with international transport experts by joining international projects. From 2008 to 2009, he visited California PATH at UC Berkeley and participate in the USDOT sponsored SafeTrip 21 project. He developed algorithms for a dynamic multimodal traveler information system, which was demonstrated successfully during the 2008 ITS World Congress in New York. In 2012, He participated a joint research project led by Professor Clive Roberts of University of Birmingham. In 2017, he led a project entitled ?Energy-efficient Automatic Train Operation (ATO)? supported by a UK government?s Newton Fund. He collaborated with colleagues at University of Leeds and UK FIRST Group and developed speed optimization methods to improve the efficiency of ATO. As an Associate Editor for IEEE ITSC, he managed the peer review process and organized successfully one special session ?Smart Railway? on ITSC 2019. He also joined in the organization of several IEEE conferences such as IEEE ICIRT. In 2018, he organized the editing of a book entitled ?10000 Scientific Problems in Transportation? supported by the Chinese Ministry of Education. He was in charge of the review of more than 100 articles contributed by hundreds of Chinese scholars in traffic and transportation fields. Moreover, he is an Associate Editor of IEEE Open Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems. He was a reviewer of several journals like IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Transportation Research Part C, IEEE Access, IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine, ACTA Automatica Sinica, and Journal of the China Railway Society. He has published over 50 papers, 1 whitepaper and 1 monograph. He has been serving as a project manager, PI/Co-PI and key technical contributor for many national-level projects such as the National High-tech R&D Program supported by the Chinese Ministry of Technology, the Major Program supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China.
Research Interests
1. Eco driving, specializing in optimal control 2. Traffic flow theories 3. Advanced train control 4. Public transportation management 5. Data mining and data analyses