Antonio Bucchiarone Headshot
Antonio Bucchiarone
Associate Editor
Antonio Bucchiarone is Senior Researcher within the DAS Research Unit at Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) of Trento. His main research interests include: Self-Adaptive (Collective) Systems, Domain Specific Languages for Socio-Technical System, and AI planning techniques for Automatic and Runtime Service Composition. He received a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from the IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca in 2008 and since 2004 he has been a collaborator of Formal Methods and Tools Group at ISTI-CNR of Pisa (Italy). Moreover, he has been visiting at Nokia Siemens Networks in Lisbon involved in a research project on Software Architectures for Embedded Systems. He has been actively involved in various European research projects in the field of Self-Adaptive Systems, Smart Mobility, Smart Constructions and Service-Oriented Computing. He was the general chair of the 12th IEEE International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self Organizing Systems (SASO 2018) and part the Program Committees of various international conferences the field of Self-Adaptative Systems (SASO), Service-Oriented Computing (ICSOC), and Software Architecture (ACM SAC).
Research Interests
1. Smart Mobility 2. Self Adaptive (Collective) Systems 3. Domain Sepcific Languages for Socio-Technical Systems 4. Multi-Agent based modeling simulation