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S.C. Wong
Associate Editor
S.C. Wong is Associate Dean of Engineering and Chair Professor of Transportation Engineering, and holds Francis S Y Bong Professorship in Engineering, at the University of Hong Kong. He was Head of Department of Civil Engineering from 2011-2017. He received his B.Sc.(Eng.) and M.Phil. degrees from the University of Hong Kong, and Ph.D. from University College London. His research interests include the optimization of traffic signal settings, continuum modeling for traffic equilibrium problems, traffic flow theory, traffic management and control, transportation planning and network modeling, and road safety. He received the Best Paper Award (Editors' Choice, Outstanding Paper) from the ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering in 2011, and an Outstanding Researcher Award in 2009 and Outstanding Young Researcher Award in 2000 from the University of Hong Kong. Professor Wong is currently Editor-in-Chief of Transportmetrica A: Transport Science, and International Journal of Sustainable Transportation; Editor of Transportmetrica B: Transport Dynamics; Area Editor of Journal of Transportation Safety & Security; Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Analytic Methods in Accident Research, and Travel Behaviour and Society; and Editorial Board Member of Transportation Research Part B, Accident Analysis and Prevention, Transport Reviews, Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems, ASCE Journal of Urban Planning and Development, International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics, etc. He was member of Committee of Application of Advanced Technologies in Transportation of ASCE, USA, and A1C05 Network Modeling Committee and AHB45 Committee on Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics, Transportation Research Board, USA, and International Scientific Committee of the Eastern Asian Society for Transportation Studies.
Research Interests
1. Traffic Signal Control 2. Network Modeling 3. Traffic Flow Modeling 4. Traffic Safety