IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems (IEEE T-ITS) seeks qualified editors from Diversity Groups

The IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems (IEEE T-ITS) is one of the IEEE ITS Society’s flagship publications with a high Impact Factor of 6.319. Due to its outstanding quality, reputation, and technical strength, the transaction has been growing significantly with very high demand.

The transaction is currently looking for highly qualified experts in all ITS areas, particularly from colleagues from  diversity groups in the engineering field, to serve as Associate or Senior Editors. Besides demonstrating outstanding qualifications in this field, a minimum of five years (preferably more) post-PhD experience and prior review and editing experience with comparable journals or conferences are required for the Associate Editors.  Whereas all applicants are welcome, please note the transaction has an extensive list of accomplished editors and currently is only looking for experts particularly from diversity groups to enhance its editorial board’s quality and inclusiveness.

To be considered for editorship, please submit a brief biographical sketch or resume to Ms. Miriam Snyder, the Editorial Assistant of the transaction at, indicating your relevant experiences to ITS and its related fields.