IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society

Request for Educational Videos


The IEEE ITS Society has created a new initiative to develop educational videos in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems. Funding has been acquired to support two types of videos:

ITS Lightning Talks: the goal is to create short videos covering ITS related topics and explaining them to a young, general audience. The videos may be related to any ITS topic (see for a list of topics) and should specifically target a young audience. With this effort, we aim to provide a more interesting learning experience for students interested in improving transportation. These videos should be informative and well presented. These “lightning” videos should be no longer than five minutes, and should include a title page at the beginning, describing the topic, the author, and mention that this video is part of the IEEE ITSS Educational Video Initiative. For these lightning videos, up to $500 will be awarded.

ITS Tutorial Videos: the goal of these educational videos is to provide educational content to ITS Society members, and to the public at large, on technical and theoretical topics related to Intelligent Transportation Systems.  The videos may cover concepts ranging from the basics to advanced topics. The goal of the videos is to broaden existing knowledge in ITS by highlighting pivotal concepts and techniques, presenting key technical and theoretical issues in an intuitive, abridged, yet precise version and to explain broad or fundamental ITS concepts, as well as emerging areas of ITS. These tutorial videos should be arranged as modules, where each module is approximately 10 minutes long. For more complex topics, up to five modules (i.e., a series of videos) can be developed. For these tutorial videos, up to $5000 will be awarded.


Request for Video Proposals Opens: December 15th, 2022

Proposal Due Date: March 15th, 2023

Notification of Acceptance: April 15th, 2023

Date to turn in Final Videos: December 15th, 2023


Please submit a one-page video proposal that has the following information:

  • Instructor Information: This includes name(s), affiliation, and background on the proposed instructors.
  • Video Scope & Background: Provide a title of your proposed video, for either category listed above. Briefly describe (2-paragraphs) the scope of your proposed video and any background the viewer may need to fully understand the video. For the ITS Tutorial Videos, please describe each of the modules you would create, listing the learning objectives.

The IEEE ITS Society Educational Committee will review the different video proposals and will select a set of finalist videos that will be funded. It is expected that the committee will make decisions to either reject, preliminarily accepted with suggested changes, or accepted as it is.

Please submit your ITS educational video proposals to: Matthew Barth, IEEE ITSS VP-Education, via email to