Short Description

The IEEE-ITSS TC on “Intelligence and Security Information for Transportation Systems (I&S4TS-TC)” has existed for years now as an individual entity that empowers members of the “Intelligence and Security Information” community in general, and the “Intelligent Transportation” society members in specific, with the means to integrate information security as a main topic of intelligent transportation and to increase the awareness of the importance of intelligence and security of information in the transportation world. Recently with the increase of wireless communication and the huge amount of information transferred and/or stored on different components of any transportation systems, it is time to increase the knowledge inside and outside the transportation society of the importance of the intelligence and security of information.


  • Samy El-tawab, James Madison University, USA


  • Puya Ghazizadeh, Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey, USA
  • Ahmad Salman, James Madison University, USA

Vision: Our goal is to increase the awareness to the importance of information security in transportation systems through a series of sessions in several conferences such as the ISI Conference (the Largest International Conference on Intelligence and Security), ITSC conference (IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference) and/or the IV Symposium (IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium). With the arrival of autonomous vehicles in the near future, the Intelligence and Security Information for Transportation Systems should be one of the main focus for researchers in multiple field. With the guidance of the senior members, this committee will work hard to strengthen the field with new junior researchers who are interested in the Intelligence and Security Information for Transportation Systems.
We also plan to communicate with pioneers from the industry sector working in intelligent transportation to share their recent findings, if possible, regarding information security with the research community and vice versa.

Finally, we plan to enhance scientific and technological understandings of Intelligence and Security of Information through broad dissemination (through holding symposiums and high school competition that involves intelligent transportation projects).

Work Plan for 2017

  1. Be part of the Largest International Conference on Intelligence and Security ISI Conference 2018 in Miami, USA. Co-chair and help organizing ISI 2018-2019.
  2. Special Session organization in one of the ITS conferences (ITSS or IV): Vehicular Networks Applications: From Physical Layer to Clouds and/or Training Session for “Security and Cyber Hygiene Best Practices for Intelligent Transportation”
  3. Create new Chapter at James Madison University for the ITS Student Society.
  4. Summer school: Create a summer school at James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA for the topic of “Intelligence and Security Information for Transportation Systems.” James Madison University has one of the most comprehensive Information Security Masters’ programs in the nation