The technical committee Railroad Systems and Applications (RSA) aims at stimulating innovative theories, techniques and applications for intelligent railroad systems. In particular:

  1. Make the railroad systems to be safe and smart;
  2. Provide intelligent and friendly service to railroad passengers and goods;
  3. Optimize operations and control of railroad systems to guarantee high-standard efficiency.

The RSA technical committee promotes research activities and knowledge transfer in topics like (not limited to) capacity assessment, line planning, train scheduling, rolling stock and crew scheduling, traffic management, train control, electrical and electronics engineering and information technologies applied to intelligent railroad industries, to reduce the gap between practical demand and academic supply.


  • Hairong(Heidy) Dong, Beijing Jiaotong University


  • Clive Roberts, The University of Birmingham

Work Plan for 2017

  1. ITS Society Dissemination/Membership activity: A number of worldwide membership activities will be taken, in which a great number of faculty members from universities like Beijing Jiaotong University and University of Birmingham in fields of e.g. train control system, operations planning will be encouraged to join IEEE ITSS. The activities are believed to be quite helpful to attract memberships. Moreover, we also plan to set up an executive committee responsible for operational activities under the supervision of the technical committee.
  2. International Summer school in 2017: We will organize a summer school in July, 2017 at Beijing Jiaotong University regarding the topic of Intelligent Railway Operations Optimization Techniques. Worldwide known professors like Prof. Joaquin RODRIGUEZ from IFSTTAR, France will join the summer school. Courses in the summer school will include intelligent train scheduling methodology. The major audience will be Ph.D. and master students. We expect to have 100 students participating this activity.
  3. SIBE conference in 2017: Participate the Sustainable Infrastructure and Built Environment Conference in September, 2017 in Indonesia. The topics in intelligent transportation system and engineering will be discussed and relevant knowledge will be exchanged.
  4. International HRMM Workshop in 2017: We will organize a workshop in Beijing on the topic of Intelligent High-speed Railway Operations Management and Infrastructure Maintenance Techniques.
  5. The 4th ICIRT conference: We will work for preparing the 4th The IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Rail Transportation. The conference aims at attracting worldwide researchers in a wide range of fields of intelligent rail transport.
  6. The belt and road summit: We will organize a summit in the topic of railway corridor within the belt and road scope. Researchers from relevant countries will be invited to exchange knowledge regarding intelligent transport corridor where railway system is the backbone system.
  7. A joint workshop among IFSTTAR, Birmingham and BJTU: We will organize an international joint workshop at Lille, France. Researchers from IFSTTAR, University of Birmingham and Beijing Jiaotong University will meet together and discuss about the state of the art of intelligent railway systems, from operations management, train control and GSM-R point of view.
  8. Seminar on Rail Traffic Control and Safety: A seminar on railway traffic control and safety will be held at Beijing in July 2017 together with the first committee meeting of Joint International Research Centre on Railway Traffic Control and Safety. Around 50 railway researchers from China and Europe are expected to attend the seminar.

Committee Members List

  • Clive Roberts, Professor, University of Birmingham, UK, c.roberts.20@bham.ac.uk
  • Hairong Dong, Professor, Beijing Jiaotong University, China, hrdong@bjtu.edu.cn
  • Feiyue Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, feiyue.wang@ia.ac.cn
  • Joaquin RODRIGUEZ, Professor, IFSTTAR, France, joaquin.rodriguez@ifsttar.fr
  • Carlo Mannino, Professor, SINTEF, Norway, Carlo.Mannino@sintef.no
  • Lei Nie, Professor, Beijing Jiaotong University, China, lnie@bjtu.edu.cn
  • Francesco Corman, Assistant Professor, ETH, Zurich, Francesco.corman@gmail.com
  • Dario Pacciarelli, Professor, Rome Tre University, Italy, pacciarelli@ing.uniroma3.it
  • Lei Chen, Birmingham Fellow, Lecturer, UK, L.Chen.3@bham.ac.uk
  • Lingyun Meng, Associate Professor, Beijing Jiaotong University, China, lymeng@bjtu.edu.cn
  • Yidong Li, Associate Professor, Beijing Jiaotong University, China, ydli@bjtu.edu.cn
  • Rob Goverde, Associate Professor, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, R.M.P.Goverde@tudelft.nl
  • Xiaohua Xia, Professor, University of Pretoria, South Africa, xxia@postino.up.ac.za
  • Zongli Lin, University of Virginia, USA, zl5y@virginia.edu