Guidelines for Filling Information

Thank you for your commitment to the ITSS and for your role in leading the ITSS Technical Committee. To ensure that we have accurate and up-to-date information about your committee, please fill in the following details. This information will be essential for members and stakeholders to understand the purpose and activities of your committee.

Short Description:

Please provide a brief description (1-2 sentences) that summarizes the purpose and focus of the ITSS Technical Committee.


Define the primary goal of your committee. What is the main objective you aim to achieve within the scope of content updates?


  • Chair: First-Name Last-Name
  • Co-Chair(s), if any: First-Name Last-Name (comma-separated)
  • Advisor, if any: First-Name Last-Name

Committee Members:

List the names of committee members who actively contribute to the ITSS Technical Committee: First-Name Last-Name, Affiliation, Country (Line Separated)

Activity Plan:

Provide an outline of your committee’s activities. What steps are you taking to achieve your goal? Include bullet points describing your activities, and make sure to specify the last date when this plan was updated.

Activity Report:

Please provide a summary of the activities and achievements of the ITSS Technical Committee for the year 2023. Highlight any significant milestones, projects, or outcomes.

Ensure that you update this information as needed to reflect any changes or developments within your committee.

Technical Committees - Content Update