The IEEE ITS Outstanding Application Award is given annually for ITS researchers, practitioners, and research/development teams who have made significant contributions to research in ITS related fields (ITS Research Award), developed and deployed successful ITS systems or implementations (ITS Application Award), and demonstrated leadership in promoting ITS technologies (ITS Institutional Lead Award). These awards are established to recognize, promote, and publicize major research contribution, application innovations with real-world impact, and ITS institutional leadership.

Past Awardees



2021 Long Chen and his team: Fei-Yue Wang, Yunfeng Ai, Bin Tian, Dongpu Cao, Xiao Wang, Li Li, Lingxi Li, Jian Wang, Yu Gao, Rui Zhou, Ziyu Pan, Guoxu Ding, Jinsong Guo, Chenghua Yang, Shi He, Waytous Inc.
Contributions to implementation of ACP-oriented parallel autonomous mining system
2020 Matthias Schulze, Visteon Electronics
Contributions to the Development and Deployment of ADAS and Autonomous Driving Technologies
2019 N/A
2018 Markos Papageorgiou, Technical University of Crete
For contributions in vehicle automation and communication systems and applications
2016 Christoph Stiller, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
KITTI Benchmark and Bertha Autonomous Vehicle

Team Leader: Fei-Yue Wang, The State Key Lab of Management and Control for Complex Systems at CASIA
Consortium: QAII, Qingdao Public Safety Bureau, CASIA, HiSense, NUDT, and Tsinghua University
ACP-based Qingdao Parallel Urban Traffic Management and Control System


Uwe Franke & his team: Markus Enzweiler, Dariu Gavrila, Stefan Gehrig, Tilo Schwarz, and Fridtjof Stein, Daimler AG,
Daimler Image Understanding Group

2013 Miguel Ángel Sotelo
VISUALISE, University of Alcalá, SPAIN
2012 Wei-Bin Zhang
California PATH Program, Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California at Berkeley
Citation: For Contributions in Applications of Advanced Vehicle Control and Safety Systems and Technologies

Intelligent Transportation Systems Program, Massachusetts Institute or Technology, USA

2010 Hani Mahmassani, William A. Patterson
Chair in Transportation, Northwestern University
2009 Fei-Yue Wang
2008 Petros A. Ioannou
2007 Panos Michalopoulos