IEEE ITSS Membership

Becoming a member of IEEE ITSS means joining thousands of engineers, enthusiasts, educators, learners, leaders, and collaborators around the globe to advance intelligent transportation technologies for the betterment of humanity. As an organization, we share expertise, learn, and collaborate in an effort to solve today’s transportation challenges, using advanced technologies to improve mobility, safety and the environment.


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As a member of this distinguished, global community, whether you are an undergraduate student, graduate student or an experienced professional, you will receive exclusive personal, career, and business benefits and enjoy access to top-quality transportation technology resources. As an ITSS member you will:

  • Discover the latest breakthroughs, cutting-edge information and research on transportation technologies with access to diverse ITSS magazinejournals and conferences.
  • Stay relevant and deepen your understanding of key aspects of transportation technologies through quality training, certification programs and technical activities.
  • Connect and collaborate through networking opportunities and participate in local technical activities with any of our chapters around the world.
  • Award and recognize the outstanding contributions of fellow members in the fields of transportation and their service to the society through ITSS awards program.
  • Achieve more with special discounts on member pricing for key IEEE ITSS publications, conferences, and professional development programs.

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Membership Options

Add ITSS to an IEEE Membership

If you are already an IEEE member, you can easily add ITSS to your IEEE membership. If you are not an IEEE member, join today.

ITSS Membership Add-on: US$18 annually*
ITSS Student Membership Add-on: US$9 annually*

Become an Affiliate Member

Affiliate members are only ITSS members and not IEEE members. This means you will not have access to any IEEE benefits that are reserved for only IEEE members, but you will have full access to ITSS benefits.

ITSS Affiliate Membership:  US$94.50 annually*

*March through Augustnew members enjoy half-year dues.

IEEE Young Professionals

IEEE Young Professionals (YPs) is an affinity group of members and volunteers within sections and regions who have less than 15 years from their first professional degree. It does not imply any special membership fee.

In addition to all IEEE ITSS membership benefits, the Young Professionals within ITSS have access to the exclusive Annual IEEE ITS Young Researcher/Engineer Award and regional awards that recognize the best work on papers, abstracts, and innovations.

Volunteer Opportunities

ITSS offers many volunteer opportunities that encompass a wide range of skills and activities. You can gain additional experience and enhance your leadership skills while supporting the society and the intelligent transportation technologies profession.

Use your experience and knowledge to volunteer in one or more of the following areas: conference organization, planning, and operations; publication editing; chapter activities; and technical committee service.

ITSS Membership Benefits