The Board of Governors

The Board of Governors consists of the Executive Committee Officers and the elected members listed below:

Term ends December 31, 2024

Andreas Malikopoulos Headshot
Andreas Malikopoulos
Cornell University
United States
Azim Eskandarian Headshot
Azim Eskandarian
Virginia Commonwealth University
United States
Miguel Angel Sotelo Headshot
Miguel Angel Sotelo
University of Alcala
Pujitha Gunaratne Headshot
Pujitha Gunaratne
Toyota Motor North America Research & Development
United States
Xiao Wang Headshot
Xiao Wang
QAII/Anhui University

Term ends December 31, 2025

Arnaud de La Fortelle Headshot
Arnaud de La Fortelle
Mines ParisTech
Catherine Elias Headshot
Catherine M. Elias
Multi-Robot Systems (MRS) Research Group
Fernando Garcia Headshot
Fernando Garcia
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Roberto Horowitz Headshot
Roberto Horowitz
University of California, Berkeley
United States
John Sprinkle Headshot
Jonathan Sprinkle
Vanderbilt University
United States

Term ends December 31, 2026

Swaroop Darbha Headshot
Swaroop Darbha
Texas A&M University
United States
Henry Liu Headshot
Henry Liu
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
United States
Alexandre Bayen Headshot
Julie Stephany Berrio Perez
ACFR Australian Centre for Field Robotics
Jim Misener Headshot
Jim Misener
United States
Cathy Wu Headshot
Cathy Wu
United States