The IEEE ITSS Standards Committee, led by the IEEE ITSS VP Standards Activities, was launched in 2019. The ITSS standardization activities target direct contributions to the development of IEEE standards, led by the IEEE Standards Association (SA), in the ITS domain, covering cooperative and automated driving, multi-modal mobility network management, and sustainable (use of) digital and physical infrastructure.

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VP Standards

Meng Lu
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To strengthen the position of IEEE standards activities by enhancing, in a broad range of industries, the efforts for the development of global standards in the domain of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), targeting industry-driven standards with prominent deployment potential that entail substantial benefits for the industry and the society as a whole.


Play an active role in activities concerning standardization for ITS, by closely monitoring, analyzing and evaluating the ongoing technical developments and progress in the ITS domain, the status of ITS standardization efforts, and the needs for new ITS standardization initiatives; and by initiating such initiatives as appropriate. All this in close cooperation with all parties having an interest in ITS standardization, especially industry, but also other groups involved.

Main Objectives

  • Establish liaisons with IEEE SA, relevant IEEE societies, and standardization bodies outside IEEE;
  • Bring industry players on-board to actively participate in the standardization initiative, process and development, while envisioning the landscape of ITS applications;
  • Collect specific needs and requirements for potential IEEE ITS standards and contribute to the standards development;
  • Initiate new ITS-related standardization activities as deemed relevant.


The IEEE ITSS standards activities are open for any interested party or person. Active contributions from volunteers are encouraged.
Contact Meng Lu, VP Standards Activities

Envisaged Activities

  • Organize events (e.g. meetings/workshops, industry round-tables) at IEEE and non-IEEE conferences, and standards activities or industry events in various geographical regions;
  • Establish liaisons with IEEE SA (in line with relevant focuses identified by IEEE SA, e.g. Mobility, Autonomous & Intelligent Systems and Connectivity & Telecom), other standardization bodies (e.g. ISO and SAE), regulatory and government bodies (e.g. European Commission and US DOT);
  • Disseminate details of the ongoing ITSS Standards Activities;
  • Invite liaison partners to contribute to various events organized by the ITSS and its Standards Activities;
  • Facilitate engagement of industry participants;
  • Make web casting as an integral part of the ITSS Standards Activities, for wider participation and to increase impact of the ITSS Standards Activities.

Plans 2023+

  • Focus on industries as opportunities permit;
  • Organize regular ITSS Standards Activities events, at least two per year in different regions of the world;
  • Contact other IEEE ITSS VPs and ITSS New Initiative/Project organizers and add the standards topic to the program of ITSS events;
  • Stimulate activities related to ITSS Standards Activities and accept requests to present the status of ITS standards development at IEEE Societies, Councils, Sections, Chapters, and organizations;
  • Determine the budget of the ITSS Standards Activities for Y+1 by October each year;
  • Identify active ITSS Standards Committee members, and engage them in the ITSS Standards Activities;
  • Determine the ITS standards to be targeted;
  • Collaborate with IEEE SA, relevant IEEE societies, other standardization development organizations, and synergize planned activities (see also Appendix I).

Pursuing Funding Opportunities

  • Address industry requirements through feedback to the ITSS Standards Activities;
  • Apply for funds of the ITSS New Initiative/Project, and of IEEE SA, when needed.

IEEE TCOS Seed Funding for Innovative Standards Efforts: Apply by 7 April 2024

The TAB Committee on Standards (TCOS) released the latest call for proposals to provide seed funding for projects initiating innovative standards efforts.

This call for proposals is for projects that begin no earlier than 1 July 2024 and end no later than 30 June 2025.

  • These awards are generally for up to USD$10,000.
  • However, up to USD$20,000 may be offered for new proposals that impact sustainability of the material universe (e.g., energy or climate change), or sustainability in the information universe (e.g. in internet safety, security, or usefulness).

Deadline and How to Apply for TCOS Seed Funding:

To submit a proposal, complete the online Funding Request Form (Smartsheet form) by 11:59 pm in your time zone, 7 April, 2024. For additional information, see:

Questions? Contact TCOS Chair Edward Au or Patrick McCarren, Society Executive Director, Industry Applications Society & Special Projects, at


Since 2023, the Standards Committee of IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS/SC), as Sponsor Committee or Joint Sponsor with VT/ITS/ADWG, has supported the following IEEE PARs (Project Authorization Requests):

  • P3377 In-Cabin Vehicle Sensing & Communication Networks (ITSS/SC/IVSCNWG)
    This standard targets technical requirements for and testing of in-cabin sensing systems and the supporting communication networks for automated vehicles Level 3 and above.

    • WG Chair: Hadj Hamma Tadjine.
  • P3344 Standard for Scenario Representation for Autonomous Driving (VT/ITS/ADWG)
    This standard specifies a representation of traffic scenarios for the training and validation of autonomous driving (AD) systems. The forms and features of this representation are described. The functions developed with such representation support a range of applications such as scenario extraction from road-test data, traffic simulations with naturalistic agent behavior, scenario generalization and optimization, and off-road scenario modeling.

  • P3412 Standard for Autonomous Driving Architecture (VT/ITS/ADWG)
    This standard defines a unified reference architecture denoted as Autonomous Driving Architecture (ADA). This architecture orchestrates all platform layers and coordinates signals, data, activities, and processes in the vehicle, and in the edge and cloud infrastructure. Furthermore, the standard defines interfaces and models, as well as schemes for ADA validation, verification, and compliance assessment.

  • P3432 Standard for Technical Requirements for Loss Reduction of Bulk Grain in Port (ITSS/SC/SPWG)
    This standard specifies the requirements for reducing grain losses during bulk grain port operations, including the technical requirements for loading and unloading operations and transit warehousing operations. This standard is applicable to bulk grain port operations.

    • WG Chair: Siyuan Tang.
  • P3439 Standard for Driving Risk Assessment Procedure in SAE Level 1-3 (ITSS/SC/IVREWG)
    The scope is to establish a standard procedure for evaluating driving risks in SAE Level 1-3. This standard will serve as a benchmark for assessing and refining various approaches to behavior modeling and prediction, ultimately contributing to the safety and efficiency of intelligent transportation systems. The goal of this standard is to outline a comprehensive procedure for evaluating driving risks, serving as a critical reference for all stakeholders involved in the development, implementation, and assessment of intelligent transportation systems.

    • WG Chair: Zirui Li.
  • P3442 Standard for Multimodal Logistics Corridors for Resilient Food Supply (ITSS/SC-MLCWG)
    This standard builds on existing standards for systems interoperability and data exchange across different transport modes, sectors and countries along the supply chain. In addition, it enables to establish smart multimodal corridors that can withstand crises and ensure that safe and nutritious food is available to all during normal times and crises.

    • WG Chair: Stefan Sauermann.

Tutorial IEEE ITS Standards Development and Update

Join us on June 2, 2024, at IEEE IV 2024 in Jeju Island, Korea, for an interactive tutorial on “IEEE ITS Standards Development and Update.” Learn about IEEE standards, get involved, and gain insights into the latest standards in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Presented by experts including Dr. Meng Lu, this event is your opportunity to expand your career and network.

Workshop and Industry Panel on Cooperative and Automated Driving

Discover the latest in Cooperative and Automated Driving at the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV) 2024’s “Workshop and Industry Panel.” Explore topics like Connected and Automated Vehicles, Security, 5G/6G research, and more. Join experts from industry and academia in this exciting exchange of ideas. Visit our page with the code WS1 IndustryPanelOnCooperative for details and paper submissions. Don’t miss this opportunity to shape the future of driving technology.