The IEEE ITSS Educational Activities Committee fosters programs for the growth of ITS education-related activities, recommending policies for educational development, helping coordinate the Distinguished Lecture Series of the society, and approving plans for educational support activities. We aim at serving the IEEE ITS members in educational pursuits by supporting them with high-quality opportunities for education on ITS topics, providing them with state-of-the-art information, and promoting career paths in ITS.

VP Educational Activities

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Matthew Barth
University of California, Riverside
United States

Instructions for taking courses

Access to the IEEE ITS Society educational resources library is free to all users. In order to enroll in a course you will need to login to the website using your existing IEEE account (green button) or create a free IEEE account (blue button).

Note: Creating a free IEEE account does not make you an IEEE and/or ITSS member. If you are interested in joining IEEE ITSS, please click here.

Available Courses

To expand the ITS society’s educational offerings and opportunities in future industries of relevance, we present a variety courses that cover specific topics in ITS. We hope that you will find them interesting and useful in gaining valuable and meaningful skills in intelligent transportation systems.

Introduction to Intelligent Transportation

Introduction to Vehicular Robotic Modeling with V-REP (Nov 2017)

Introduction to the Robustness Analysis of Systems

Simulation-Based Dynamic Traffic Assignment

Autonomous Vehicles, Platooning and Traffic Flow Control for Connected Vehicles

A Primer on Security and Privacy in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (June 2016)

Enrich your learning experience with hands-on engagement and interactive sessions through our ITSS Summer Schools. These events are designed to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange, empowering participants to excel in the ever-changing landscape of intelligent transportation systems.

IEEE ITSS Summer School on Cooperative Interacting Automobiles (Sep 2017)

IEEE ITSS Summer School on Cooperative Interactive Vehicles (Sep 2018)

The Road to Emerging Mobility Systems for Smart Cities (Summer 2023)

Join our engaging ITSS Webinars, open to all and accessible without any restrictions. These webinars feature expert speakers and cutting-edge topics in intelligent transportation systems, providing a platform for knowledge dissemination and fostering a vibrant community of learners and professionals.

Industry Meets Academia Webinar Series (2021 – 2024)

To enhance the educational resources and cater to the evolving needs of ITS professionals, we offer IEEE ITSS Tutorials, featuring specialized content recorded from ITSS conferences or exclusively designed for ITSS members. These tutorials aim to provide valuable skills and knowledge in intelligent transportation systems for your career advancement and industry readiness.

Immerse yourself in visionary insights and thought-provoking perspectives through our distinguished ITSS Keynote Speeches, presented by renowned experts during various ITSS conferences. These captivating talks offer a glimpse into the future of intelligent transportation systems and inspire the advancement of cutting-edge research and innovation in the field.

Benefit from the expertise of leading minds in the field of intelligent transportation systems through the IEEE ITSS DLS (Distinguished Lecturer Series) – a prestigious program featuring engaging presentations and insights from distinguished experts, aimed at advancing knowledge and promoting excellence in ITS research and development.

Distinguished Lectures – ITSS German Chapter (2021)