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The purpose of the short course is to introduce the concepts of autonomous vehicles and platooning and associated designs and analysis with emphasis on safety. In addition connectivity will enable the infrastructure to control traffic flow in a much more efficient way. Vehicle automation has been viewed as a solution that will lead to dramatic improvements in safety, road capacity and driver comfort. An autonomous vehicle with its multiple sensors and computer control system will be able to interact with the environment and other vehicles more accurately and react faster than humans to different driving situations including emergencies. At the same time autonomous vehicles will be designed to operate in a much safer way than human drivers and therefore will be much more conservative in changing lanes, merging and in vehicle maneuvers. While this may have an adverse effect on traffic flow the connectivity that comes with autonomous vehicles offers an opportunity for the infrastructure to come up with better traffic flow control methods.

A central element that requires consideration is mobility. Many scientific and political fora have called for a brand new way of thinking about mobility, based on four important pillars. Safety, Environmental sustainability, Social equity and Economic sustainability are the driving forces of the change we will see for good in the next decades.

The concept of ‘Smart Mobility’ is an essential part of the ‘Smart City’ paradigm, that has so far been understood as a fusion of of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with Transportation. However, this is only a simplistic notion of what ‘Smart Mobility’ really needs to be. In this Summer School we will extend that vision and explore from traffic modelling and management to transportation electrification, human factors and autonomous driving, in a holistic and human centred approach. To do so we will work to have contributions from reputed scientists coming from all of the aspects of the proposed theme.