ITSS is represented in different committees and technical activities board through the following representatives and liaisons.

Brendan Morris Headshot
Brendan Morris
IEEE Conferences Committee
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
United States
Meng Lu Headshot
Meng Lu
IEEE Council on RFID (CRFID) and IEEE Future Networks Committees
Aeolix ITS
Ahmed Hussein Headshot
Ahmed Hussein
IEEE Discovery Point for Communications - Content Advisory Panel
Andreas Malikopoulos Headshot
Andreas Malikopoulos
IEEE Smart Cities Steering Committee
Cornell University
United States
Petros Ioannou Headshot
Petros Ioannou
IEEE TAB Awards and Recognition Committee
University of Southern California
United States
Shunsuke Kamijo Headshot
Shunsuke Kamijo
IEEE TAB Periodicals Committee
The University of Tokyo
Madison Musselman Headshot
Madison Musselman
IEEE TAB Publication Services and Products Board (PSPB) Committee
Conference Catalysts, LLC
United States
Lingxi Li Headshot
Lingxi Li
IEEE TAB Strategic Planning Committee
Purdue University
United States
Fernando Garcia Headshot
Fernando Garcia
IEEE Transportation Electrification Community (TEC) Committee
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Xiao Wang Headshot
Xiao Wang
IEEE-USA Intellectual Property Committee
QAII/Anhui University
Pujitha Gunaratne Headshot
Pujitha Gunaratne
IEEE-USA R&D Policy Committee
Toyota Motor North America Research & Development
United States
Catherine M. Elias Headshot
Catherine M. Elias
IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) Committee
Multi-Robot Systems (MRS) Research Group
Julie Stephany Berrio Perez Headshot
Julie Stephany Berrio Perez
IEEE Young Professionals (YP) Committee
University of Sydney