IEEE ITSS Ad Hoc Committee on Young Professionals

The IEEE Young Professionals program is an excellent resource for individuals who have earned at least one engineering-related degree and are seeking to launch their careers and achieve their early career goals. As a vibrant and dynamic community of engineers, scientists, and technical experts with a global reach, IEEE provides a platform for individuals to connect and collaborate with their peers, enabling them to grow and thrive in their careers. The IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS) established an Ad Hoc ITS Young Professionals (YP) committee this year. This committee aims to provide additional support and resources to young professionals, empowering them to succeed in this rapidly growing field. Joining and participating in the Ad Hoc ITS YP committee is an excellent opportunity for young professionals seeking to enhance their career prospects and make meaningful connections with other experts in the field.


The mission of the Young Professionals in ITS Ad Hoc Committee is to engage, support, and provide a platform for the Young Professionals within the Intelligent Transportation System Society (ITSS). The committee aims to foster professional development, networking opportunities and promote the advancement of ITS through various project, initiatives and events.


The vision of the Young Professionals in the ITS Ad Hoc Committee is to empower the Young Professionals to become leaders in the Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS) through active engagement, professional development opportunities, and inclusive community building. By encouraging membership in ITSS and supporting the growth of young professionals, the committee aims to create a sustainable and impactful influence on the field of ITS.


Dr Julie Stephany Berrio Perez  –  The University of Sydney


Charlotte Beaune University of Nantes
Minh-Quan Dao University of Nantes
Chang Liu  Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Carlos Gomez University of Alcala
Vishal Chauhan The University of Tokyo
Abhishek Thakur Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
Xinwei Wang Technische Universiteit Delft
Jose Angel Santos Universidad Simón Bolívar
Eric L. Manibardo Tecnalia Research and Innovation
Dr Miguel Ángel de Miguel                     University Carlos III of Madrid