The IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS) will continue with its standardization activities after launching these in 2019. In response to the requirements for the rapid development and deployment of intelligent transport systems and services, towards cooperative and automated driving, active contributions to standards from IEEE ITSS are expected. To become a key player in ITS standardization, the Society needs to acquire active experts, especially from industry.

Therefore, we would like volunteers, especially experts with standardization experience and still involved in standardization activities of IEEE and other standardization bodies, to contribute to the Standards Committee / Industrial Activities Board. We expect to have around three meetings per year (online, in-person or hybrid), in addition to email exchanges.

If you are interested to contribute and to benefit from this experience, and/or if you have any questions, please send a message to the ITSS VP Standards Activities (see details below). All the Standards Committee members of 2022 are welcome to renew their membership with the same procedure.

Apply to join the IEEE ITSS Standards Activities by filling and submitting the below form.

Invitation for Participation in IEEE ITSS Standards Activities

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Dr. Meng LU
VP, IEEE ITSS Standards Activities 2023-2024
Email: meng dot lu at wklm dot eu
Mobile/WhatsApp/Signal: +31 6 4505 4735