Special Section Overview

Do you want to develop a Special Section in the IEEE Open Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems?

We welcome proposals for Special Sections on the basis of conferences and workshops, around emerging topics or based on major research programs and projects. All contributions are submitted to the regular IEEE OJ ITS peer review process, managed by 2-3 experienced Guest Editors. A special section will have at least 5 accepted papers. Each paper will be published directly after acceptance as a topic in IEEE Xplore. The Guest Editors are invited to write a 1 page editorial after acceptance of 5 papers.

Papers in special sections based on conferences and workshops need to contain substantial novelty compared with the work already published in proceedings. A combination of an extended summary in the proceedings with full papers in an IEEE OJ ITS Special Section is a good approach to achieve synergy between your conference or workshop with IEEE OJ ITS.

Proposals for special sections can be sent to the Bilge Atasoy, and contain: {name, topic, guest editors, motivation, submission deadline and your approach to attract papers}.

Current and Upcoming Special Sections