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Illustrate the capabilities of a simulation-based DTA framework for the evaluation of ITS technologies. Provide a hands-on experience modeling and analyzing ITS technologies, using a simulation-based DTA framework

Primary Audience

This tutorial is tailored for researchers interested in the evaluation of ITS technologies for the real-word. The tutorial will help understanding the capabilities and limitations of a simulation-based DTA framework.


Currently, there is a consensus that DTA models have reached the required maturity to provide a comprehensive modeling framework for the study and evaluation of ITS technologies. However, there are still many challenging aspects associated with the deployment and evaluation of ITS technologies that need to be addressed. This tutorial will provide the required training and information to understand DTA models as well as their limitations and potential research opportunities.

Course Content

  • Introduction to DTA
  • Capabilities of DynusT (an open source DTA software)
  • Network modeling
  • Calibration
  • Hands-on modeling of various ITS projects using real-word data