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Short Description

IEEE-ITSS logo with a Italy flag.

The Italian Chapter of the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Society was established in February 2021 with the main goal of strengthening and promoting the development of ITS in the scientific community, industries, and institutions at the national level. The main objectives of the Italian Chapter are the creation of a collaborative environment allowing the establishment or reinforcement of cooperation among members, the involvement of young students and researchers, and the communication of the main activities and innovative results to the stakeholders in the field of intelligent transportation systems (public institutions, private companies, associations).

Chair: Silvia Siri
Vice-Chair: Stefania Santini
Treasurer: Michele Fiorini
Secretary: Roberta Di Pace

Chapter Activities

The main activities of the ITSS Italian Chapter are the organization of an annual national meeting involving experts, prominent leaders and young researchers, the promotion of the “IEEE ITSS – Italy Best PhD Dissertation Award”, the technical sponsorship and support to scientific initiatives promoted by the IEEE Italy Section and other dissemination actions towards the external community.


  • Chapter Annual Meeting, Rome, 5 June 2023
  • IEEE ITSS – Italy Best PhD Dissertation Award, 2023 edition (award ceremony during the Annual Meeting, Rome, 5 June 2023)
  • Involvement in the R8 Chapters Meeting, Berlin, 30 November-1 December 2023

Chapter News

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