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Chair: Pujitha Gunaratne
Co-Chair(s): Kazuya Takeda

Short Description

The IEEE-ITSS committee on Naturalistic Driving Data Analytics was established on October 09, 2014 in the ITS Society Technical Committee meeting during ITSC 2014.


The goal of this Technical Committee is to promote the science of producing meaningful inferences of real world driving situations from large scale naturalistic driving datasets to develop intervening technologies for the deployment in Intelligent Transportation eco system.

Committee Activities

Understanding driver behaviors and traffic flow dynamics in real world driving context are important for the development of intervening technologies for Intelligent Vehicles. Understanding of driver state, driving characteristics in different modes of automated driving, and the environment of driving are focused areas to enhance the capabilities of intervention for safe and effective deployment of such technologies. Naturalistic Driving data provide a wealth of information and a snapshot of real-world driving situations. However, these data streams are inherently heterogeneous due to the inhomogeneous nature of sensor suites and data collection platforms used. Therefore, our intention of Naturalistic Driving data analysis is focused on using multi-modal approaches to analyze heterogeneous big driving datasets to produce meaningful inferences of real-world driving situations for the safe deployment of intervening technologies in Intelligent Vehicle applications.


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Committee Members

  • Dr. Pujitha Gunaratne
  • Professor Kazuya TAKEDA
  • Dr. Chiyomi Miyajima
  • Dr. Selpi
  • Dr. Takashi Bando
  • Dr. Helena Gellerman
  • Prof. Mohan Trivedi