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Chair: Christoph Stiller
Co-Chair(s): Maximilian Naumann

Short Description

The IEEE ITSS technical committee (TC) on Self-Driving Automobiles (TC-SDA) aims to advance the development and implementation of autonomous vehicle technologies. With the growing demand for safer, more efficient, and sustainable transportation solutions, self-driving cars hold immense potential to revolutionize the way we travel.


This committee is committed to fostering collaboration among experts in the field, promoting innovation, and addressing the challenges associated with self-driving cars, including but not limited to:

  • Sensors
  • Perception and Scene Understanding
  • Motion Prediction, Planning, and Control
  • Human Factors for Self-Driving Automobiles
  • Risk Assessment, Testing, and Evaluation
  • Standardization for Self-Driving Automobiles

The committee will try to achieve this goal by organizing, supporting, and advertising events like summer schools, workshops, conference special sessions etc.

Committee Activities

The committee strives to continue it’s support in the organization of events like summer schools, workshops, conference special sessions etc.
For example, two workshops at IV2024 and ITSC2024 are being supported.  Beyond this, the current focus of the committee is connecting the community stronger to the AD community within the AI community.  Participation in the TC SDA is welcome! Please reach out to the chairs.  (Last updated in November 2023)

Activities Report 2023

Committee Members

  • Tancut Acarman, Univ. Istanbul, Turkey
  • Matthias Althof, Univ. Munich, Germany
  • Mohammad Biglarbegin, Univ. Guelp, Canada
  • Phillippe Bonnifait, Univ. Compiegne, France
  • Alberto Broggi, Vislab, Italy
  • Klaus Dietmayer, Univ. Ulm, Germany
  • Lutz Eckstein, Univ. Aachen, Germany
  • Andreas Geiger, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Javier Sanchez Medina, Univ. Gran Canaria, Spain
  • Sergiu Nedveschi, Univ. Cluj, Romania
  • Miguel Angel Sotelo, Univ. Alcala, Spain
  • Mohan Trivedi, Univ. San Diego, USA
  • Moritz Werling, BMW, Germany
  • Sascha Hornauer, MINES, France,
  • Junmin Wang, UT Austin, USA