Stefania Santini Headshot
Stefania Santini
Associate Editor
Stefania Santini is an Associated Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, and Information Technologies (DIETI) at the University of Naples Federico II, Napoli, Italy (since 2015), where she teaches courses of Control theory to the Bachelor in Information Engineering and Control Systems for Autonomous Ground Vehicles at the Master in Autonomous Vehicle Engineering (Move), and leads the Distributed Automation Systems Lab (DAiSYLab).She is involved in many projects with industry, including small- and medium-sized enterprises, operating in the automotive field. Her research interests include nonlinear control of nonlinear and cyber-physical systems, and networked control with applications to energy, automotive engineering, transportation technologies.
Research Interests
1. Connected and autonomous vehicles 2. Platooning and Virtual Coupling 3. Cooperative Control and Multi Agent Systems 4. Distributed control of cyber-physical systems