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The 2023 IEEE Future Networks World Forum (FNWF’23) will continue the path set in 2018 by the IEEE 5G World Forum in bringing together experts from industry, academia, and research to exchange their vision as well as their achieved advances in the continuing evolution of network technology, including 5G, 6G, and other innovative cross-domain breakthroughs.

Located in Baltimore, USA, IEEE FNWF’23 seeks contributions on how to nurture and cultivate future network technologies and applications for the benefit of society.  These systems should unveil a novel network architecture that not only improves physical data rate, but also creates a new ecosystem allowing new services and applications deployment. A key target is to build a novel network architecture that should support not only classical mobile broadband applications and services but also vertical industry (e.g., Intelligent Transport, Industrial IoT, and eHealth) and other future networks-based services.

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