The IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS) is excited to unveil a unique fellowship opportunity aimed at nurturing innovation, expanding global outreach, and strengthening our community’s visibility and impact. This initiative invites individuals from diverse backgrounds and abilities to actively participate in The Annual ITS WiE/YP Workshop & Research Forum, scheduled to take place in Cairo, Egypt, from November 20-22, 2023. It presents an extraordinary chance to contribute significantly to the growth and development of IEEE-ITSS.

A Call to Amplify IEEE ITSS Impact

This fellowship opportunity is specifically tailored to engage individuals who possess the capability to serve our society and play integral roles in organizing various ITS activities and conferences. We extend a warm invitation to our vibrant community of students, researchers, and professionals to submit project proposals that aim to amplify the visibility and impact of IEEE ITSS. Seize this opportunity to showcase your innovative ideas and make a meaningful difference within the IEEE ITSS community by submitting your proposal!

Fellowship Benefits

The fellowship covers all expenses associated with attending the annual ITS WiE/YP Workshop & Research Forum in Cairo, Egypt. This includes full coverage of plane tickets, accommodation, and event registration fees. Details about the plane ticket purchasing/reimbursement process will be provided upon the awardees’ announcement.

In return, the selected awardee is expected to contribute to the organization of this event, aligning with the fellowship’s objective of cultivating new talents in the field of ITS. To support the awardee in fulfilling their organizational responsibility and to foster their potential, an experienced ITSS member will provide assistance and mentorship throughout the process.

Project Proposals

Project proposals should be innovative and feasible, with the aim of increasing the visibility and impact of IEEE ITSS. Potential projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating a new ITSS chapter or student chapter and organizing its first event.
  • Translating ITSS educational materials into various languages.
  • Establishing an online repository housing resources and research related to intelligent transportation systems.
  • Hosting a virtual hackathon addressing current challenges in the ITS field.
  • Developing a webinar series highlighting the work and contributions of underrepresented groups in ITS.

This fellowship opportunity is an exciting step toward empowering change-makers in the field of intelligent transportation systems. We encourage you to embrace this chance to innovate, collaborate, and elevate the impact of IEEE ITSS on a global scale.

Stay tuned for updates as we eagerly anticipate the outstanding projects and contributions that will emerge from this initiative, shaping the future of ITS together!