We are thrilled to announce the F1tenth Autonomous Racing Competition, the event scheduled to take place at the Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV) 2024. This competition offers a unique platform for students, innovators, and researchers in the field of autonomous vehicles to showcase their skills, exchange knowledge, and push the boundaries of what’s possible in autonomous racing.

The F1tenth competition challenges participants to design, build, and race 1/10th scale autonomous vehicles. Competitors will navigate complex racetracks, demonstrating their vehicles’ abilities to make real-time decisions, avoid obstacles, and compete head-to-head with other autonomous racers. This event is designed to foster innovation, collaboration, and learning in the rapidly evolving field of autonomous vehicle technology.

In addition, around these events, it is possible to generate other attractions such as technical activities, articles, and educational activities, which allow the ITSS to complete the portfolio that it offers to its members. Finally, these competitions have a significant number of global followers, so accessing its membership base is an important strategic move for the IEEE ITSS and will undoubtedly have long-term benefits. What sets this event apart is that participants have the opportunity to apply for financial support to fund their project, helping cover both the construction of the car and travel expenses (partially) to the race location.

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Important Dates
  • Proposal Submission: 8 March 2024
  • Notification of acceptance: 30 March 2024
  • Online Webinar: 4 April 2024
  • Competition: 3-5 June 2024
Competition Highlights:

  • Technical Workshops: Pre-competition workshops on vehicle design, sensor integration, and autonomous control strategies.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with leading experts, industry professionals, and fellow innovators in the field of intelligent vehicles.
  • Prizes and Recognition: Awards for top performers, including Best Design, Fastest Lap, and Innovation in Autonomous Driving.
Submission guidelines to apply for financial support:

  • Technical proposal (previous experience in this or similar competitions, experience with related technologies, …)
  • Team involvement in IEEE ITSS
  • Guarantee of participation in future IEEE ITSS competitions

Submissions will be evaluated by a committee of IEEE ITSS members.

Submit for Financial Support
Contact Information:

For inquiries or additional information, please contact Fernando García Fernández (fegarcia@ing.uc3m.es) or Abdulla Al-Kaff (akaff@ing.uc3m.es).