Dear ITSS Members,

In this year, the IEEE ITS Society welcomes nominations and self-nominations for the following 2024-2025 leadership positions:

  • VP for Conference Activities (incumbent officer is not eligible for re-election)
  • VP for Publication Activities (incumbent officer is eligible for re-election)
  • VP for Membership Activities (incumbent officer is eligible for re-election)
  • VP for Outreach Activities (interim officer is eligible for official election)

Position descriptions for these positions are described in the Bylaws In addition to the duties described in the Bylaws, officers are required to attend Executive Committee (ExCom) and the Board of Governors (BoG) meetings. In each year, there are two on-site BoG meetings, one in conjunction with the IEEE IV Symposium in the summer and the one in conjunction with the IEEE ITS Conference in the fall. A separate ExCom on-site meeting is normally held in early Spring. The travel costs are reimbursed for these meetings. Additional, video conferencing facility-based ExCom/BoG meetings will also be held in each year.

Candidate Guidelines

Eligibility to run and hold the offices of the Vice President positions is open to all Society officers, BoG members, and technical and standing committee chairs, who held one or more of such positions for at least one year during the five years prior to the election i.e., during the 2018 – 2022 period.

A person may be nominated for more than one position; however, separate nominations must be submitted for each position. Incumbent officers must submit their nominations should they wish to be considered for re-election. Nominations for re-elections can also be made by a nominator or by self-nomination.

Nomination Requirements

It is important for the BoG to understand how each of the candidates plans to contribute to the Society in the intended role.

The nominator is responsible for providing a nomination which should be comprised of:

  • Qualifications including the candidate’s eligibility and experience (up to one page)
  • Position statement outlining candidate’s vision and plan for the position if elected (up to one page)

Nominations should be submitted online by 11:59 PM Anywhere on Earth Time (AoE) on 05 September 2023. Nominations will not be accepted after this deadline.

Submit a nomination here:

Election Details

This election will take place on Saturday, 23 September at the ITSS BoG Meeting in Bilbao, Spain. Nominations from the floor at the meeting are allowed but discouraged as there will be no opportunity to submit a full-scale nomination material.

VP candidates who are the current incumbent officers, or BoG members, are expected to attend the Election Meeting in person. They should immediately contact the Nominations and Appointments Standing Committee Chair if they find that due to unpredicted circumstances, they will be unable to attend the Election Meeting in person but still wish their nomination(s) be included in the Election Meeting Agenda and presented via a live video link.

VP candidates who are not currently incumbent officers, nor on the ITSS ExCom/BoG, are eligible to present their candidacy via a live video link.

Ljubo Vlacic
IEEE-ITSS Nominations and Appointments Standing Committee Chair