IEEE ITSS Student Competition in Pedestrian Behavior Prediction

The IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS) is inviting its student members to participate in the following competition.

Pedestrian behavior prediction is one of the most critical challenges for fully automated driving in urban settings, as it requires autonomous vehicles to interact safely and efficiently with pedestrians in diverse and dynamic environments. Accurate and robust pedestrian behavior prediction is crucial to ensure the safety of both pedestrians and the autonomous vehicles.

There are three competition tracks:
  1. Pedestrian Intent Prediction (PIP): to predict the intention of a pedestrian crossing a street, such as whether they intend to cross or stop.
  2. Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction (PTP): to predict the future trajectory of the pedestrian, given the pedestrian’s current position and intention.
  3. Driver Decision Prediction (DDP): to predict the decision of the autonomous vehicle, given the pedestrian’s intent and trajectory, to ensure safe and efficient interactions.