Workshop on The Road to Emerging Mobility Systems for Smart Cities
June 30 – July 1, 2023, Ayia Napa, Cyprus

IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS) is sponsoring a Workshop on “The Road to Emerging Mobility Systems for mart Cities”.

Addressing our pressing challenges related to the increasing demand for mobility, we must make fundamental transformations in how communities use and access transportation. A mobility system encompasses the interactions of three heterogeneous dimensions:

  1. technological developments on transportation systems and modes that lead to emerging mobility systems, e.g., autonomous vehicles, shared mobility;
  2. social behavior of drivers and travelers interacting with these systems; and
  3. institutional behavior of organized units such as administrators that govern the transportation systems through policies.

The constellation of these dimensions constitutes a sociotechnical system that should be analyzed holistically. Yet current methods analyze, design, and optimize a mobility system without considering the social and institutional dimensions, resulting in mobility systems that might not be acceptable to travelers or might impose inequities.

The workshop on “The Road to Emerging Mobility Systems for Smart Cities” is not just about emerging technologies — it will be a workshop on all dimensions of future mobility systems for smart cities, bringing together leaders from government, industry, and academia to discuss what innovations are needed, how to address the challenges, and to holistically explore a research path moving forward.

For more details, check the workshop website over here.